Tow Your Vehicle From Anywhere or To Anywhere

Utilize our car, truck or boat towing services in the Cottondale & Tuscaloosa, AL area

Car breakdowns, auto accidents and illegal parking all require emergency towing services. That's where Whisenhant Towing LLC comes in. Our crew is equipped to complete anything from semitruck to boat towing jobs in and around Cottondale & Tuscaloosa, AL. Trust us to be on-site in under an hour and get your vehicle to safety quickly.

Next time you need towing services, reach out to us ASAP.

Find out if we can tow your vehicle

After your vehicle's all hooked up, we'll take it anywhere within a 30-mile radius of your location. Reach out to us if you need your vehicle moved back home, off-road, away from your private property, to a new or used car dealership or off your parking lot.

We provide 24/7 emergency towing services for a wide variety of vehicles, including:

Low riders
4x4 vehicles

As long as your vehicle is under 55,000 lbs., we can tow it safely at no charge.

Whether you need car, truck or boat towing services, call 205-556-4566 today to discuss your needs with a staff member.